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What's new?

What's it all about?

Here you can find a small program, that allows you to play a card game very close to UNO or Mau-Mau. It's not exactly the same though, since we used to play with a special set of rules (e.g if a zero is played everyone has to give is set of cards to his neighbor, you can play out of turn, ...).

How does it work?

The server provides a simple interface for the card game, which can be accessed with a telnet connection. If you want to have a nicer user-interface (e.g. color support), we suggest the use of tinyfuge (we have a tfrc file which you can use).

Supported Languages

At the moment the server supports English (default) and German commands. Every user can choose the language he wants individual. Other languages can be added pretty easily .

Future plans

The Rules

German version
English version (not available at the moment)

Screen shot

This is a screenshot using Tinyfugue and german output. Screenshot


If you have any comments please send a mail to Arun.